суббота, 14 января 2017 г.

Shortening a link
When on home page or on any other subpage you will see our mighty link shortener. - yes that’s the long , green box. Simply paste or type your loooong link and click “shorten”. Now you can copy your short link or shorten another link. All your links are available in “statistics”

Sharing a link
Share your shortened links! When logged in, go to the “statistics” page. Next, click ‘SHORT LINKS’ button (the middle column in the table) and scroll down. You will see all your links there. On the right of each short link - you will find 2 buttons for a quick share. Click one of them - Twitter for example, write a short comment, share it and watch the money flowing in! You can also share links immediately after creation; just paste long link in green box, next press 'SHORTEN' and then 'COPY'. Now, you can paste it anywhere you want (forums, G+. email messages, etc.)

Sharing a link: Manually
Sharing buttons are not the only way to share your short links - you can do it manually too. Simply copy any short link that you want to share and paste it wherever you want - on twitter for example.